Santa Shops in Tekoa

Fabulous Gift Giving Ideas, Right Here at HOME! With Washington State’s most recent COVID related restrictions, shopping at home and supporting local businesses has become more important than ever. Thank you for your continued support. Curbside deliveries can be arranged if you are not comfortable going inside. Also, call or email any of them ifContinue reading “Santa Shops in Tekoa”

Congratulations to Photo Contest Winners

To break up the monotony of the pandemic, the Tekoa Library, Chase Photography, and the Tekoa Chamber of Commerce held a photo contest during the month of August. We had several participants and all entries can be viewed on the windows of Chase Photography on Crosby Street. You can also view them on the TekoaContinue reading “Congratulations to Photo Contest Winners”

Small Town Shenanigans

It’s Shenanigan time in the small town of Tekoa! We may be small in size, but we’re big on fun, and Lenny the Leprechaun has snuck into town to take fun to a whole new level. Be on the lookout for Lenny from March 10-17. It’s rumored that he loves to hang out in localContinue reading “Small Town Shenanigans”