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The Tekoa Chamber of Commerce is proud of its businesses. Farms, industrial, brick and mortar, home-based, service-oriented, organizations … we’ve got it all. To celebrate our hard working businesses, we will be visiting with several of them each month. This week, we got to catch up with Thairapy Hair Studio, a warm and welcoming place to be pampered.

Big News at Thairapy

Thairapy is excited to announce that they are adding a third hair stylist, Sean McCurdy. Sean, a Tekoa native and hometown boy, will start taking clients as soon as he receives his Washington license. He is moving home to enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle after working and doing hair in Palm Springs for nearly 17 years. Sean grew up with Dianne and was one of her students when she taught beauty school He was also the official hairstylist for the Miss America Pageant for 10 years.

Welcome home Sean!

Following, is an update from Mary and Dianne on how their business has coped the last several months.

How has the Pandemic affected your business?

(Mary) Thankfully the pandemic hasn’t affected us as much as it could have, but we are seeing a change in clients. For example, many men are now having their hair cut at home by their wives, but as life is settling, we’re seeing more and more familiar faces back as well as new customers. Being closed for 3 months was pretty scary at first and it was difficult to keep our chins up some days.  Several of our amazing customers gave donations and purchased gift certificates which helped keep us afloat.

Even though it’s been a hard year, what have you learned from it?

(Mary) We have learned that our community is so loving and considerate and has a strong desire to see businesses succeed.

(Dianne) I was reminded of what an awesome community I live and work in. Our clients generosity is humbling

Diane, Sean, and Mary at Thairapy Hair Studio in Tekoa, WA

What encouragement do you have other businesses?

(Mary) Do not give up.  We may have hard times ahead, but as a community we will get through this.

(Dianne) Short/long term goals are great but you also need to ask yourself “What can I do TODAY?”. The pandemic has made it clear how quickly things can change.

What else would you like people to know about your business?

(Mary) Dianne and I have been doing hair for many years.  We love what we have to offer the community, and we wouldn’t have what we do if it wasn’t for people who are committed to shopping local. 

(Diane) When Sean joins Mary and me, we will have nearly 90 years of experience between the three of us. We all take pride in our work and consider our clients part of our “salon family”.

Thank you Thairapy for such a beautiful setting in which to have hair and nails done. Customers truly do feel like part of the family.

You can contact Thairapy at 509-284-2236. Follow their Facebook page Thairapy Hair Studio for lots of great tips and info.


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