Small Town Shenanigans

It’s Shenanigan time in the small town of Tekoa!

We may be small in size, but we’re big on fun, and Lenny the Leprechaun has snuck into town to take fun to a whole new level.

Be on the lookout for Lenny from March 10-17. It’s rumored that he loves to hang out in local businesses and has an affinity for getting into mischief once inside of a store. Can you spot him? Doing so has sweet rewards!

Let a business owner know when you’ve found Lenny, and they’ll reward your keen sense of observation with a treat. Then, keep on the lookout, because once several people have spotted him in a location, he’ll move onto a new store the next day to see what fresh mischief he can stir up.

It’s believed that a partially torn up map found blowing along Crosby Street hints of some of Lenny’s schemes. We noted that the Tekoa Hardware Store, Homestead General Store, The Tekoa Pharmacy, and Eclair’s Coffee Shop are on his radar. But …

The map was numbered with 7 spots, so we don’t know where else he plans to go. We also don’t know the order of stores. So …

So … our advice is to keep a watch of the Tekoa Chamber of Commerce FB page for “Lenny Sightings” and follow the little green guy to get in on the “gold” … goldmine of fun, that is.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Happy March! And Happy Shenanigans … from your Tekoa Chamber of Commerce!!!

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